Kim Cullen

I had been an overweight ‘giver’ for as long as I can remember. All of this came to a screeching halt in the last 24 months. For most of my adult life, I always put others first. I grew out of a painfully shy childhood into struggling with my weight as an adult. I found myself taking care of everyone else and badly neglecting myself. I back-burnered what I wanted and needed in order to take care of my family. There were thousands of days where I didn’t bother with brushing my hair, let alone wearing makeup or nice clothes. I did not eat healthily or exercise, make time for joyful activities, or spend time developing friendships or learning new things. I didn’t care about anything for myself.

When I became exhausted and overwhelmed as a single mother to my twin boys (Danny and Jake), both of whom have special needs, and a caregiver for other family members, I realized that I was simply accustomed to putting others’ needs before my own. I had never lost weight from having the twins. Then I faced a tough divorce. I realized that it was time to do things differently and stop repeating the behaviors that were holding me back. I remember thinking that I did not have the answers and feeling a bit hopeless.

Making a Change:

It wasn’t that I didn’t like my life. I simply didn’t have a strong sense of self-worth. To cope with stress and boredom, I took solace in comfort eating and I escaped into fiction when time allowed. Several years ago, by chance, I was introduced to Isagenix as a tool for weight loss. I had tried so many weight-loss “solutions” before, and I must admit that I wasn’t optimistic. I bought a 30-Day System™ for fat burning and cleansing. At the outset, I weighed 275 pounds. I never dreamed I would be capable of losing 100 pounds. I just wanted to lose something to feel better! I started my weight-loss journey with my sister and mother. I was shocked because I saw and felt a difference with Isagenix almost immediately. I felt amazing. I was more alert and energetic. I was losing weight without suffering or starving, and I felt nourished. The nutrition was flooding my body and brain with so many rich essentials that I felt I was starting to come back to life. I began to make better decisions and my self-esteem slowly began to spiral upwards. To this day, I regret not having a true “before” picture to document my starting point. I had a picture taken after I had already lost 25 pounds. But the truth is this: in any before picture of me, I would make sure one of my boys or something physical was blocking me so that I could not be fully seen. Now that I’ve lost the weight, I always tell people that no matter their goal or expectations, take that “before” picture. You don’t have to look at it, and nobody has to see it, but your life is going to change so much that you’re going to want to have that picture to remind yourself of what your personal power can accomplish.

Staying Strong, With Support:

When my family reached their weight-loss goals, I was still working on mine. I joined a weekly call with other Isagenix users who were working toward a 100 pound weight loss goal. It helped keep me inspired and accountable! Though I have lost 111 pounds so far, I’m still working towards my ideal “after” picture. I’m not obsessing about the numbers on the scale because my focus is on looking and feeling great. And I do. I never could have imagined it.

A New Outlook on Life:

I have broken the mold of unhappy codependency, obesity, and financial struggling. My life has changed significantly since my Isagenix transformation. Hope is an every day emotion for me because I am unlimited in my ability to lose the remaining weight and I am unlimited in my ability to increase my income and create a life that others only dream of. I’m a happier parent and more physically active with my twins, even recently running a 5k color run with my son Danny. After years of loneliness and difficulty finding time or common ground to connect with others, I have formed friendships with others who are caring and who nurture me. I get a kick out of being my own boss as I focus on sharing the products and helping others become healthy and happy. And what a relief that now, as a single mom, I am able to provide income for my household because I’m building an Isagenix business simply by sharing my testimonial and the products with others who are hurting and need more energy and hope. I also have goals to strive for and excitement to share about an incredible company that is on the cutting edge of nutrition and compensation. I am currently climbing the income ladder, so I am eager to lock arms with fellow business builders to take my Isagenix business to the next levels.

My Success Tips:

Don’t give up when you’re losing weight or trying to get your life back in balance. Even if you think you’re not worth it, you are!! And this applies to family, money, friendships, love, career, and health. You were meant to have everything you want and you were meant to shine. If you have a big weight loss goal, break it down into manageable increments like 5 or 10 pounds at a time. Treat yourself when you reach a mini-goal, but just don’t do it with food! And take your before picture so you can see how far you’ve come! Always be ready for life curveballs with a second source of income that is uncapped and does not require you to sacrifice spending time with family and friends.

Janet Anderson

“At the end of the day I ask myself: Did I make a difference today? Did I leave places better then when I arrived? Was I true to who I am at my core? If I answer yes to those questions than I need not worry about the rest.” – Janet Anderson

Janet Anderson has successfully worked with clients from newborns to the age of 82. She offers an array of services such as: diagnostic assessment, individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, crisis management, in-home therapy, skills training, guided relaxation/meditation, parent coaching, consultation, postpartum services for new moms and dads, and group psychotherapy. She works with elite and non-elite athletes preparing them emotionally for sporting competitions. Janet enjoys providing clinical supervision to practitioners new to the field and supervising research. She provides consultation services to professionals regarding their clientele, mentors professionals who want to start their own private practice, and has given numerous educational in-services and presentations over the course of her career on various topics. Janet is also a Independent Isagenix Consultant for clients interested in losing weight and/or healthy aging.