Dr. Nick M.

Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Member is Changing Lives

Dr. Nick’s first reaction to Isagenix®?

“What’s in the canister?” laughs Dr. Nick. “I was afraid there would be something dangerous like stimulants or laxatives in it.”

Admittedly, Dr. Nick says his knowledge was limited but he wanted to search further and get to what he thought would be the unhealthy root of weight loss and energy gain.

He spoke with the head of the Isagenix Research and Development Department. He read up on the ingredients listed on the product panels. He picked apart every piece of information he received and to no avail. Finally, all that was left to do was try it for himself.

Starting with the 9-Day System and then following it with a 30-Day System, he had his nurses do clinical lab work on him to monitor and measure any changes. He was shocked when he lost 26 pounds* along with his long-standing addiction to caffeine in a 40-day period of time.

The lightest he’d been in four decades, nurses began asking him what he was doing. Hesitant to share it because he knew there was a financial aspect to it, he helped a few people try the products, but shied away from sharing it with his patients out of fear that they would think he was trying to make a profit. Over time Dr. Nick developed confidence to start recommending them to patients.

“What happened to me was I really started to monitor the safety and efficacy of the products and systems, and by observing results over time, I built a comfort level with them.”

Sharing His Health Goals

“Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to be a doctor to help people and make a difference,” says Dr. Nick who is now part of the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board. “I strove to be that, but within a short period of time, teaching people how to take care of themselves and seeing 40 people a day burnt me to a crisp.”

But Isagenix changed it all. Seeing his patients transform their lives with the products reminds him daily of the reason he entered the medical field in the first place. For him, he says, it has been rewarding and has transformed his perspective on how Isagenix is different than other network marketing companies.

“I used to feel it was unethical to share Isagenix with my patients but now I think it’s unethical not to. When I’m in the office, I can help one person at one time. With Isagenix, I can help a lot of people beyond the one-to-one situation of the office and change their lives. In my opinion, Isagenix products and systems are safe, effective and ethical.”

Emily and Hayden V.

Young Couple Lives Debt Free – Before discovering network marketing and Isagenix, Emily was working two jobs to get by and Hayden was figuring out what his next move would be after an opportunity in pro football didn’t work out. After having two positive product experiences, these high school sweethearts decided to join forces on doing the business together. The two scored a $23,000** bonus for a job well done and were able to plan a dream beach wedding in Florida with no financial worry. Not only that, but they also managed to pay off Emily’s mortgage and Hayden’s student loans with plenty left to spare.

Why Isagenix? – “I don’t know anywhere else where we can help people with their health, help them pay their bills and help them grow personally in their lives. It’s all an amazing package,” says Emily.

“There’s also the competitive aspect, with the different promotions, that creates a fun and exciting atmosphere,” adds Hayden. “You’re working with a team that’s motivated and has the same goals as you. That’s huge for young people. Network marketing, and especially Isagenix, offers an opportunity to work as hard as you want while getting compensated for it.”

While many of their peers are moving back home and struggling to find jobs, Emily and Hayden are enjoying the freedom of setting their own hours in a career with unlimited income potential.

Consistently Building – In the last three years, the couple’s Isagenix business has really grown thanks to social networking on Facebook. “It’s really showcasing our day-to-day life and a lot of people are asking, ‘How are you going on these trips and having so much fun?’” shares Emily. “Facebook people look at that stuff more than you think.”

In the past year, these 26-year-olds have added fresh college graduates to their team and are on pace to hit six figures** this year. They’re still blown away by their August check, which was just over $23,000,** thanks to the Executive Leadership Pool bonus. With their accomplishments surpassing their expectations, they now plan on maxing out, starting their re-entry leg, and creating three more six-figure earners this year.

“We’re creating trust, value and respect, and helping people find their purpose,” says Emily. “We’re so thankful to be a part of this amazing company,” adds Hayden, “We work hard, but it’s on our time. There’s no living for the weekend because every day is the weekend.”

Joyce B.

Former Kindergarten Teacher Proves Retirement is Fabulous

Joyce is a wife, mother and a breast cancer survivor. Self diagnosed 10 years ago, she underwent surgery and treatment before spending the next two years under the watchful eye of a doctor.

“That was a big stressor,” admits Joyce, 65, of California. “Every time I went to the doctor I was worried about what else they were going to find.”

But, that elation of finally receiving a clean bill of health quickly turned to yet another worry as her youngest son was deployed to Iraq. Two years later, her oldest son was deployed, too.

“It is difficult to put into words how heavy my heart was every day while they were in harm’s way,” says Joyce. “I appeared cheerful while inside I was dying a little every day.”

Thankfully, both of her sons are now home safe, but the stress resulted in extra weight creeping up on Joyce.

“I was ashamed of my body,” shares Joyce. “I used to get undressed in my closet with the lights off just so my husband couldn’t see me.”

The time had come to finally focus on herself, after a 31-year-long career and raising her family.

Good Nutrition Leads to Happiness – During 2011 Celebration, Joyce watched as Jill B. was crowned the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner, and she started imagining what it would be like to join the Challenge. But, it wasn’t until a walk through Old Town San Diego with her husband that she fully committed to giving it her all—he told her to go after it.

“I decided to take control of my life and enter the IsaBody Challenge,” says the Northern California native. “I knew Isagenix® had the best food on the planet, so I started using the products the way they were designed.”

From day one, she was committed to living a healthier lifestyle.

After hitting the gym with her sons and upping the amount of daily protein shakes she consumed, Joyce realized she needed the help of a personal trainer.

“I thought I knew what I was doing,” jokes Joyce. “But, my first day with a coach proved differently. I came home and slept because I was so physically exhausted.”

Over time, Joyce’s trainers watched as her body grew stronger. They were so impressed with her results that they decided to try the products. Now they incorporate Isagenix products into their own workouts.

“They are amazed with my recovery, the speed in which I gained muscle, and my energy levels,” shares Joyce.

Even though she had great results and was recognized as an IsaBody Challenge finalist, she’s not completely content with her whole-body transformation. That’s why she registered for her third consecutive IsaBody Challenge.

“I can’t lose any more weight,” shares the IsaBody finalist. “So this time I plan on getting my legs as defined as my arms.”

Jill K.

Jill wasn’t looking to get in shape. The 52-year-old Star Consultant from Arizona is a personal trainer and a national figure competitor who is probably in better physical condition than most people 20 years her junior.

However, with the help of Isagenix®, not only has she experienced unprecedented success in competitions, but she’s also helped her clients and built a business that she expects will serve as her full-time career in the near future.

Jill had been a bodybuilder for nearly 10 years, but when she decided that she wanted to step up in competition with a trip to nationals, it became clear that steroids were considered par for the course. That wasn’t a step Jill was willing to take, so she decided to cross over into figure competitions, which she says are considered “a bit softer.”

One of her clients just happened to be Isagenix Co-Founder Kathy Coover, who had recommended Isagenix to her. Jill wasn’t sold at first, but after looking over the nutritional ingredients she reconsidered and even told her husband Scott, also a bodybuilder, about the products.

“We had been with Bodybuilding.com and GNC for years and weren’t looking for any new supplements,” says Jill. “When Kathy showed me the list of the ingredients used in the products, with my background in nutrition I immediately knew I had to get on Isagenix.”

Jill and her husband Scott soon began to see results with both gaining more muscle* and successfully reducing their body fat percentages*. Once she realized the success they were having, she decided it was the perfect time to put the products to the ultimate test. She cut back on her normally intense workouts and watched to see what the products could do for her in competition.

“I tested Isagenix prior to and during events and took home two fourth-place finishes in an event, which is really good,” shares Jill. “While training, I was just exhausted all the time, but my endurance went up** after I started using Isagenix.”

Jill knew immediately that she had a product people would want, especially given her elite clientele who generally want to lose weight and gain extra energy, plus do it quickly. With her experience as a trainer and the wide variety of nutritional products available, it’s been easy to find something to offer each of her clients.

“Isagenix is for people who are overweight, underweight and want more energy. I tailor the systems based on what I see and hear from them and can dial in where I don’t think other people can.” explains Jill. “Before Isagenix, if you wanted muscles, I knew how to train them. Now I can help them shape their body both inside and out and keep them on the products longer.”

While Jill said that connecting with other fitness competitors is difficult because they’re extremely skeptical, she says the products are selling themselves with their physical results.

Her husband Scott has also been enjoying the benefits of Isagenix, even though he no longer competes as a bodybuilder.

“He stays on the products so he keeps in shape,” shares Jill. “Bodybuilders are on a yo-yo, either fat and out of shape or in season. He can stay on Isagenix and still look good without a lot of the work.”

For Jill and Scott, though, the most important thing Isagenix has done is to allow them to plan for the future, both financially and physically.

“It has afforded us so much freedom and time. We plan on doing our business full-time in the next year and quitting everything else,” explains Jill. “We love the products and the compensation plan. Everybody wants to stay healthy and live longer. To me, it’s anti-aging and I don’t think that’s talked about enough.”

Chris B.

Chef Puts Healthy Living Back On The Menu

Simply put, Christopher was not taking care of himself. After working long hours every week, this restaurant owner and chef found himself exhausted, with no energy. However, Christopher also found he could not get a good night’s sleep. After Christopher’s wife, Dawn, was introduced to Isagenix, Christopher was hesitant to commit to the products.

“I had to get my mind in the right spot. It wasn’t until I went on a hike, weighing 311 pounds, that I realized how terrible I felt,” says Christopher.

Soon after, Dawn ordered Christopher a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Christopher’s Motivation

Christopher had many components in his life motivating him to continue his weight-loss journey. In fact, one of the main reasons he decided to begin the journey was for his 19-year-old daughter.

“I knew I wanted to walk her down the aisle one day,” says Christopher.

“My motivation was to stay healthy for my kids. So the day after Thanksgiving, I started,” he adds.

Another source of motivation for Christopher came from those he inspired along the way. As Christopher began to lose the weight, he realized he was carrying a torch for others. His weight-loss journey became a source of motivation for other people in his life, and soon enough, Christopher realized that his success was not tied to himself, but tied to the people he inspired along the way.

The True Recipe for Success

Christopher shared that if he, an Italian restaurant owner, could be successful, anyone could.

“Food is a part of my culture and lifestyle. I am surrounded by it daily!”

“After our daughter’s ‘Fathers’ Weekend’ at College I was amazed and ashamed of what I had become,” says Christopher. “Now my life has changed dramatically. People do not even recognize me and my IsaBody!’”

“If you want to do it (lose weight), you’re going to do it,” says Christopher.

Christopher now makes time for what is important. He shares, “Being a chef, Isagenix has given me the recipe for success. It’s a simple plan to follow. I have great results and I’m feeling good.”

Next Steps

Christopher, who has lost more than 100 pounds* with Isagenix, isn’t losing momentum. Although he is close to reaching his health goals, he has a bright outlook for his financial future as well. “My wife and I are growing a really strong team right now,” he says. “We are working with more couples sharing both the health and wealth aspects of Isagenix. We plan to take our business to the next level by working with those couples and helping them understand what it takes to succeed. We hope to share with them how they can get their products paid for and further than that, share with them how to grow a successful team.”